Why Use a Fishing Guide Service?

Why use fishing guide serviceThe number one reason to use a fishing guide is because you are on VACATION! Let someone else do all the work finding fish. Whether you want to take a full-day fishing trip or just spend a few hours on the water, your time is precious…use it wisely. Just relax and cast your cares away.

If you are a visitor to the Central Arkansas area looking for fishing opportunities, you will have more activity if you use a fishing guide who is familiar with the area and the fish species you desire. If you are only here for a short time, let a guide help you maximize your fishing time rather than your hunting time!

You don’t have a boat. You don’t want a boat. We don’t blame you. They are expensive, high maintenance items, and they are costly to keep on the water. Use a fishing guide and all the equipment and resources that come with him. Use him up!

Why Use JB’s Guide Service?

JB’s Guide Service is quickly becoming one of the TOP TEN fun things to do in the Little Rock area. Whether you are an avid fisherman, corporate project team, or just looking to take your family on a fun outing, JB’s Guide Service is the way to go. Enjoy the natural beauty of Central Arkansas lakes and get a good dose of southern hospitality at the same time!

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